Free Beginning Knitting and Crochet Classes!

At Northwest Yarns, we are fairly certain that everyone would like to know how to knit and crochet, and if they do not yet know how, it is only because of lack of opportunity. To help populate the world with knitters and crocheters, we offer free beginning knitting and crochet classes!  If you would like to get your knit and crochet on, please drop by for one of the classes below.  

If you already know how to knit or crochet, but have questions about your project that you would like some assistance with, feel free to stop by as well!

Beginning Knitting Class - Every Wednesday at 4:00 PM

Beginning Crochet Class - Every Saturday at 1:00 PM


June 18th:  Beginning Wheel Spinning

Margaret Magic is here to answer the call of all you fledgling spinnners out there! In this two part series, you will learn the mechanics of wheel spinning on our various rental wheels. Try out a few and select one that feels best.

We will be meeting in two sessions:

  • Sunday 6/18 from 11-12p to learn about drafting, treadling, and adjusting your various tension knobs to get you on the road to spinning more comfortably. Your goal in between classes is to get a few bobbins full so you can come back the next week to ply your yarns! 
  • Sunday, 6/25 from 11-12:00pm to learn how to to ply and wash your yarns.

Spinners signing up for this wheel spinning class will receive a beginner spinning kit including:

  • 3 oz of fiber prepared 3 different ways for you to practice

Class dates: 6/18 & 6/25, 11-2
Cost: $60 per student until 6/11, $70 per student after 6/11
Minimum students: 1 Spinner
Maximum students: 4 Spinners


Sign Up for Beginning Wheel Spinning!