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Textile Tour of Morocco with Northwest Yarns: May 15-29, 2022


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Join Echo & Heather of Northwest Yarns for a Moroccan Textile Adventure, May 15-29, 2022!


Discover the best of a rich fiber heritage as you journey on the Textile Tour of Morocco. You will visit some of the country’s most exotic and picturesque locales while enjoying workshops and markets rich with textile offerings. In the blue haven of Chefchaouen, visit an NGO where artisans create cloth for traditional robes, known as Jelaba and Kashaba. In Fes, famous for brocades, see how artisans weave cactus silk from the fibers of agave cacti that grow in the Sahara Desert. Visit the Musée Berbère in Marrakech to see Yves Saint Laurent’s collection of North African textiles. Additional highlights include demonstrations of rug making and wool dyeing, a tour of a dyeing district, hands-on embroidery and natural dyeing workshops, and practice making a needle-woven cherry buttons -- those delightful small buttons found on garments throughout the region.

Views of the majestic landscape and trips to fascinating medinas provide a complete cultural experience. Markets, or souks, offer the chance to bring home a wealth of textile goods as well as the opportunity to be immersed in the revered cultures that comprise the lifeblood of Morocco.


Cephalopod Sisters, Echo Mae and Heather Seevers, are Northwest Yarns' co-owners, fiber arts designers, and teachers. When not shamelessly encouraging everyone to earn a fiber art, yarn bombing the trees in front of their shop, or dreaming up ever so slightly geeky and/or tentacle-y knit patterns, Heather and Echo can be found exploring fiber arts trends, culture, and history to share. Echo also writes the popular Know Your Fiber articles for the Northwest Yarns website, an exploration of the history and culture surrounding the animals and plants used by fiber artists around the world. When not at the shop, Echo and Heather can be found bonding with llamas, reading with dogs, and supporting the eventual domination of the world by hand crafters.