Ashford Kiwi Jumbo Sliding Hook Flyer



Product Details

For the Kiwi. Spin chunky or novelty yarns for knitting or weaving with the extra large orifice and bobbins. The kit contains a jumbo sliding hook flyer, 1 jumbo bobbin, front upright and bearing, new brake band, drive band, orifice reducer bush and bearing reducer bush.

Available in natural or lacquer finish. Simple to attach to the wheel’s existing maiden bar. The orifice reducer bush allows you to spin finer yarns while still using your jumbo flyer.

The bearing reducer bush allows you to easily and quickly change flyers from jumbo to standard without having to change your upright. 

Our Ashford supplier is currently experiencing delays on the products they are receiving from New Zealand.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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