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Leviathan Fibers Shetland Aran


Heather Chandler (red)
Heather Duke (green)
Heather McNamara (yellow)
Veronica Sawyer (blue)
Jason J.D. Dean (black)
Corn Nuts (earthy yellow)
Liquid Drainer (bright blue)
Great Pate (brown)
Martha Dumptruck (light pink)
Prom or Hell (fuchsia)
What’s Your Damage (dark purple)
How Very (burgundy)
Chaos is Great (light purple)
Same Difference (grey)

Product Details

Woolen Spun in the grease 

Blend: White Shetland 
Yarn Weight: Aran Weight 3/5NM 
Length: 165m approx. per 100g
Hank Weight: 100g approx. -/+ 5% 
Needle Size: 4.50 - 5.50mm 
Tension/Gauge Stitches per inch: TBC 
Tension/Gauge Rows per inch: TBC

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