Manos del Uruguay Cabrito


R0054 Topsy-Turvy
R2600 Magenta
R5000 Cincuenta
R6506 Primrose
R6966 Tiza
R7056 Autumn
R7164 Ultramarine
R7378 Sea Salt
R7593 Steampunk
R8931 Wildflowers
R8988 Agama
R9024 Kindness
R9041 Chameleon
R9089 Huarache
R9275 Locura Fluo
R9382 Ocelot
R9699 Butternut
R9775 Marble

Product Details

Soft, light, and fluffy as a cloud, this kid mohair blend yarn can be used by itself for a gossamer effect, or it can be added to other yarns for a warm, pretty glow.

When you buy this yarn, you are helping to support Manos del Uruguay, a non-profit organization that is run by and provides jobs for craftswomen living in rural Uruguay. Through its thirteen collectives, this organization works to eradicate poverty through sustainable economic growth, allowing the women in the organization to remain in their towns and continue to improve their skills as craftswomen. 

Manos del Uruguay is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Fiber: 80% Kid Mohair / 20% Polyamide
Yarn Weight: Lace
Yardage / Meterage: 230 yds / 210 m
Skein Weight: .88 oz / 25 g

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