Schmutzerella Morphing Mini Skeins 6-Pack

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The Ghost of Colonel Mustard
The Ghost of Miss Scarlet
The Ghost of Mr. Green
The Ghost of Mrs. Peacock
The Ghost of Mrs. White
The Ghost of Professor Plum
Colonel Mustard's Demise
Miss Scarlet's Demise
Mr. Green's Demise
Mrs. Peacock's Demise
Mrs. White's Demise
Professor Plum's Demise
The Mystery of the Mustard Greens
The Mystery of the Scarlet Mustard
The Mystery of the Scarlet Plum
The Mystery of the Green Peacock
The Mystery of the Peacock Plum
The Rainbow Connection

Product Details

There's no conundrum here -- you can knit up killer clothing in the study, the library, or the conservatory -- and instead of using rope (or a candlestick), may we recommend Schmutzerella's Morphing Mini Skeins?

Each six-pack contains a half-dozen mini skeins inspired by characters from the classic game Clue, with each mini skein a subtle step from dark to light.

With the "Ghost" series, the gradients ascend from their base color up to bright heavenly heights, while the "Demise" series traces each character's descent from base color into inky darkness.

The "Mystery" series transitions from one personality to another, so if you can't decide if your main suspect is Miss Scarlet or Professor Plum -- hey, now you don't have to choose! Apprehend them both!

Avoid having flames, flames, on the side of your face and roll the die on these Morphing Mini Skeins -- you'll never be board again.

Fiber: 75% Superwash Merino Wool / 25% Nylon
Yarn Weight: Fingering
Yardage / Meterage: 552 yds / 505 m   (92 yds / 84 m per mini skein)
Skein Weight: 4.25 oz / 120 g   (.7 oz / 20 g per mini skein)

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