Northwest Yarns

  • Know Your Fiber: Tunis Wool

    Posted on December 01 2020

       Tunis sheep are one of a handful of the oldest sheep breeds in the United States and were a particularly popular breed right up through the mid-1800s. Today they...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Perendale Wool

    Posted on May 01 2020

       It is time for another New Zealand sheep breed – the Perendale! This sheep is a relatively recent addition to the flocks of the world, only appearing on breed...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Manx Loaghtan

    Posted on March 31 2019

    Who has adorable horns (up to six!) and has made dramatic come-backs from the brink of extinction? Manx Loaghtan sheep from the Isle of Man, that’s who! These unique sheep...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Lydia's Flock

    Posted on January 01 2019

          We are starting out this year’s Know Your Fiber articles with a look at Lydia’s Flock, a local flock of Icelandic and Shetland sheep kept right here in...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Gotland Wool

    Posted on November 30 2018

      Gotland sheep from the Swedish island of Gotland are not only gosh-darn adorable, but they also produce a beautiful wool with long, lustrous locks.  Settle in, Know Your Fiber...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Shetland Wool

    Posted on June 01 2018

          Shetland sheep are beautiful and friendly little sheep with a soft wool that comes in almost every possible natural sheep color. These short-tailed sheep are from the Shetland...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Icelandic Wool

    Posted on March 31 2018

       Icelandic sheep are one of the oldest breeds of sheep still in existence. Descended from the first short-tailed sheep to arrive in Northern Europe during the Paleolithic Age, these...

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  • Know Your Fiber: Bluefaced Leicester

    Posted on March 02 2018

       Named for their beautiful gray-blue skin underneath their lustrous wool, the story of Bluefaced Leicester sheep is also the story of how England contributed to a revolution in livestock breeding....

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  • Know Your Fiber: Churro Wool

    Posted on February 01 2018

    Navajo-Churro sheep, are direct descendants of the Churra sheep brought in two waves to North America by the Spanish, a very old breed of sheep from the Castile and León...

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  • Know Your Fiber:  A (Very) Brief History of Wool



    Know Your Fiber: A (Very) Brief History of Wool

    Posted on January 02 2018

    Welcome to a (very) brief history of wool sheep! Wool is an amazing fiber, with qualities that make is unique among all other natural fibers – we’ll be discussing that...

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