Leviathan Fibres DK Polwarth


Barsoom 427
Binky 407
Devourer of Worlds 408
Heat Miser 428
King in Yellow 412
Maenad 413
Marceline 430
Non-Compliant 414
Right Hand of Doom 415
Scarab 416
Slayer Pink 417
Snake Plissken 411
Swamp Thing 418
Cryptid 435
The Heart of the Matter 436
You Matter 437
Nothing Matters 438
Urgent Matter 439
Plant Matter 440
What's a Matter 441
The Root of the Matter 442
Don't Matter 443
The Long and Short of the Matter 444
For That Matter 445
Mind Over Matter 446
The Fact of the Matter 447
No Laughing Matter 448
Grey Matter 449
Mermaid Bathwater 451
Jealous Sea 452
Stratosphere 454
Mesosphere 455
Thermosphere 456
Exosphere 457

Product Details

During the 1880s, in what is a love story for the ages, Merino and Lincoln sheep fell in love and had Polwarth lambs. Or, if you want just the facts and only the facts, some 1880s Australians really liked the wool from Merinos, but wanted hardier sheep; they bred Merinos and Lincolns together, and poof! The Polwarth was born. 

We still like the love story version the best.

This DK-weight Polwarth is very soft and springy yarn that is perfect for your next project. This yarn will make some wonderfully warm and cozy sweaters, scarves, and caps, while also being perfect for your home decor projects such as pillows and blankets.

Hand-dyed in Bellingham, Washington.

Fiber: 100% Polwarth Wool
Yarn Weight: DK
Yardage / Meterage: 328 yds / 300 m
Skein Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g

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