Lacis Lace Bobbin Winder



Product Details

If your venture into bobbin lace has encouraged you to go further, you might want to consider every bobbin lace maker's dream tool, the Bobbin Winder. With some patterns requiring dozens of bobbins, you will soon find this tool not a luxury but a necessity. Aside from the quick winding of bobbins, the bobbin winder puts thread on the bobbin without changing the twist of the thread as is common with hand winding. 

The Lacis winder is designed to work with Lacis bobbins as well as virtually any style of traditional bobbin. It is simple to use, quickly accepts and releases bobbins with a one hand operation and the large drive wheel offers a high turn ratio with winding possible in either direction. Winder is of heirloom construction, made of solid hard-wood and finished with a hard, clear finish. It incorporates an adjustment feature for simple alignment. 

Does NOT wind bobbins for weaving, sewing, or spinning. Clamp not included. Comes unassembled.

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