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Why, hello there, cotton spinners!  It's true, we're big fans of animal fiber but we also love it when we can get our hands on some great plant fiber like this cotton!  We managed to get a great source of undyed cotton from the southwestern United States that has some unusual cultivars as well as undyed, naturally colored cotton.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we are!

This cotton sliver is sold by the ounce. To order more than one ounce, simply place an order for multiple items of this product.

Spinners Notes:

Cotton sliver has a definite direction that makes spinning easier while the opposite end creates more slubs.  If you are having difficulty spinning, flip the sliver and try spinning from the opposite end.

There is no need to boil handspun cotton yarn unless it is to be dyed.  Soaking in hot water with a little detergent for 30 minutes will set the twist and clean the cotton.

The undyed green cotton can be darkened to deeper green by soaking in hot water from the tap with some ammonia (2 quarts of water / 3/4oz ammonia) and a small amount of detergent for 30 minutes.

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