Noro Malvinas


02 Pretty In Pink
03 Rosewood
05 Boysenberry
06 Caribbean
07 Azure
08 Chartreuse
09 Evergreen
13 Biscotte
14 Harvest
15 Cobalt
17 Scarlet
18 Mulberry
19 Ivory
20 Ebony
21 Blackberry
28 Bluebell
29 Drizzle
26 Brass

Product Details

 Malvinas is a pure blend of 100% merino wool from La Islas Malvinas in the Falkland islands off the coast of Argentina. Workhorse yarn with special emphasis on colorwork projects, (slip stitch mosaic, fair isle, striping) due to vibrant semi-solid colors designed to be the same gauge as other popular worsted weight Noro yarns such as Kureyon, Ito, Viola, & Silk Garden. Many of the colors were selected from popular Noro multi colors so that they will coordinate perfectly! Combine your favorite color of one of these popular yarns with Malvinas, to make very interesting pieces -- the possibilities are literally endless!

Fiber: 100% Merino Wool
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yardage / Meterage:  328 yds
Skein Weight:  150 g

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