Clemes & Clemes Elite Crankless Drum Carder



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Clemes & Clemes's feature-rich drum features mill-style carding cloth and a full complement of tools so you can process any fiber without creating neps or noils.

Utilizing Clemes & Clemes's proprietary 72-teeth-per-inch mill-style carding cloth, the Crankless produces 3-4 ounce batts with ease, while the Crankless Doublewide will produce 6-8 ounce batts.

Fiber deflectors keep errant fibers from getting wrapped around the shafts or pulled into the bearings. The delrin bearings never need to be oiled and are easily adjusted to change the spacing between the drums. The drum spacing set in-shop will work for most fibers, but can be narrowed for short fibers or widened for less carding action or an art batt. The carding cloth on the lickerin is spiral wrapped -- meaning there is no gap like the doffing strip on the swift. This is especially important when carding short fibers, as the fiber has no chance to transfer from the lickerin to the swift without being carded.

The doffing area on the swift is covered with a stainless steel strip to protect the carding cloth even after many years of heavy use. No clamps are necessary as the Crankless has enough weight that it will not move around while carding, packing using a brush, or removing a batt.

Additional Elite Crankless Features:

  • Handle can be used when the power is out or if a hand-cranked batt is desired
  • Safe, key-switch operation
  • All electrical components UL approved and mounted entirely within a ventilated steel enclosure
  • 10-foot-long power cord
  • Oak hardwood with a lacquer finish

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