2024 Knitting Cruise

Nautical Knitting with Amy Snell

August 6th - August 8th, 2024



Sail away with us for adventure and knitting with The Devious Knitter, Amy Snell and Northwest Yarns & Mercantile! Feel the wind in your hair as you breezily knit through this three-day, two-night sailing adventure through the San Juan Islands, with a stop in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.


In this year’s cruise, Amy Snell will lead you and your fellow nautical knitters on an adventure through a series of three fantastic colorwork classes over three days: A Different Type of Stripe - Helical Knitting, Ladderback Jacquard for Stranded Colorwork, and The Magic of Mosaic


Echo Mae and Heather Seevers, the Cephalopod Sisters of Northwest Yarns & Mercantile, will also be sailing on this cruise to introduce you to the region’s vibrant fiber arts scene, culture, and history.


This cruise is the perfect opportunity to escape your day-to-day routine, and set a course to knitting and adventure. In addition to taking classes, socializing and knitting, passengers on this cruise will also help crew the ship. Prepare to become a member of the Zodiac crew as you haul rope, raise the sails, and crew the ship’s sailing stations. You will also have an opportunity to learn the basics of navigating, steering the ship and standing watch. By the end of your trip, you will come away with new knitting inspiration and nautical skills!


Sign up now for this adventure cruise and regale your friends and family with sailing yarns for years to come. We can’t wait to see you on the ship!


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