Amano Uma


1900 Ginseng
1901 Terracotta Army
1903 Mint Tea
1905 Forbidden City
1906 Blue Mosque
1907 Lotus
1908 Sacred-Valley
1909 The silk route
1910 Folklore
1911 Ceviche
1914 Black Sea
1916 Midnight in Beijin
1917 Quena
1902 Istanbul

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Travel on ancient paths through Asia, Turkey and our native Andes to experience a unique, crafted fiber full of the spirit of travel and ancient wisdom. Blended from the ancient silk worm in China, to mohair from the Turkish Ottoman Empire, and our native Incan Suri Alpaca - bred for its noble properties, this yarn has traversed the historical empires to find the softest and most regal yarn.

Fiber: 37% Suri alpaca, 37% super kid mohair, 26% Mulberry silk
Yarn Weight: Lace
Yardage / Meterage: 230 yds
Skein Weight: 25 g

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