Bockens Rug Warp 12/6 Cotton by the ounce


0000 Unbleached 12/6
0003 Bleached 12/6
43 Gray 12/6
61 Dark Brown 12/6
522 Black 12/6

Product Details

Direct from Sweden, this 12/6 all-cotton rug warp is much stronger than the more common 8/4, with a tighter twist. Very durable and perfect for rag rugs, carpets, and tapestries.

This yarn is sold in one-ounce weights, with approximately 90 yards per ounce. To order more than one ounce, simply place an order for multiple items of this product.

Fiber: 100% Cotton
Yarn Weight: 12/6 (6 ply, size 12)
Sett: 8-10 epi

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