Leviathan Fibres Lace Weight Tussar Silk 150g


Darling Nikki 6004
Easy Money 6002
Float On 6005
Jolene 6008
King Volcano 6006
Montero 6003
Roxanne 6009
Shadow Play 6007
Stranger Than Kindness 6001
This Corrosion 6010
Walking After Midnight 6011

Product Details

This hand-dyed tussar silk yarn is simply divine! Unlike mulberry silk, the moths that create this silk feed on oak and other high tannin leaves, creating a base yarn that is a light golden brown.  Dyeing over this natural color creates a depth of tone that we are in love with. This variety of silk yarn has an amazing sheen, and the jewel-like colorways almost glow. Perfect for your next lace project, or for a project that requires elegant drape, such as a shawl, scarf, or stole. 


Fiber: 100% Natural Tussar Silk
Yarn Weight: Lace
Yardage / Meterage: 1500 yds / 1370m
Skein Weight: 5 oz / 140 g

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