Leviathan Fibres Targhee Heavy Worsted


Barsoom 727
Beyond the Wall of Sheep 706
Binky 707
Cryptid 735
Devourer of Worlds 708
King in Yellow 712
Maenad 713
Marceline 730
Non-Compliant 714
Right Hand of Doom 715
Scarab 716
Slayer Pink 717
Snake Plissken 711
Swamp Thing 718
The Heart of the Matter 736
You Matter 737
Nothing Matters 738
Urgent Matter 739
Plant Matter 740
What's a Matter 741
The Root of the Matter 742
Don't Matter 743
The Long and Short of the Matter 744
For That Matter 745
Mind Over Matter 746
The Fact of the Matter 747
No Laughing Matter 748
Grey Matter 749
Desiccated Leaf 750
Mermaid Bathwater 751
Jealous Sea 752
Death By Chocolate 753
Stratosphere 754
Mesosphere 755
Thermosphere 756
Exosphere 757
Midnight Highway
Morning Dew Drops
Bonnibel 758
Heat Miser

Product Details

This heavy worsted weight Targhee yarn is just so darn squishy and bouncy! Cozy, soft, and comfortable to wear against your skin, this wool comes from Targhee sheep raised in the central northern region of the U.S., and is processed for Leviathan Fibres at a small U.S. fiber mill. 

We love this yarn for all sorts of projects, but especially for sweaters, hats, scarves, and cowls, as well as for housewares like blankets and pillows.

Hand-dyed in Bellingham, Washington. 

Fiber: 100% Targhee Wool
Yarn Weight: Heavy Worsted
Yardage / Meterage: 154 yds / 140 m
Skein Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 g

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