Lunatic Fringe Yarns Tubular Spectrum 5/2 Mercerized Cotton 1.5 oz. Cone


10 Yellow 1.5oz
5 Yellow 1.5oz
10 Yellow Red 1.5oz
5 Yellow Red 1.5oz
10 Red 1.5oz
5 Red 1.5oz
10 Red Purple 1.5oz
5 Red Purple 1.5oz
10 Purple 1.5oz
5 Purple 1.5oz
10 Purple Blue 1.5oz
5 Purple Blue 1.5oz
10 Blue 1.5oz
5 Blue 1.5oz
10 Blue Green 1.5oz
5 Blue Green 1.5oz
10 Green 1.5oz
5 Green 1.5oz
10 Green Yellow 1.5oz
5 Green Yellow 1.5oz
Forest 1.5oz
Cranberry 1.5oz
Copper 1.5oz
Burnt Umber 1.5oz
Coral 1.5oz
Periwinkle 1.5oz
Bleached White 1.5oz
Very Light Gray 1.5oz
Light Gray 1.5oz
Middle Gray 1.5oz
Dark Gray 1.5oz
Very Dark Gray 1.5oz
Black 1.5oz
Natural White 1.5oz
Cobalt 1.5oz
Gold 1.5oz
Kelp 1.5oz
Thyme 1.5oz
Butter 1.5oz
Sky Blue 1.5oz
Tangerine 1.5oz
Teal 1.5oz
Verbena 1.5oz
Violet 1.5oz
Sea Green 1.5oz

Product Details

Lunatic Fringe Yarns presents their Tubular Spectrum -- a range of weaving yarns that are all vivid, intense, and very color fast. The yarns will withstand years of washing and will keep your handwoven treasures looking bright and colorful!

With an expansive variety including many subtle tints and tones, you're sure to find something just right for your next project.

This Mercerized cotton fiber is imported from Egypt and dyed in the USA. The Mercerization process increases the strength, luster and dye-ability of cotton yarns.

("Natural White" is undyed.)

Fiber: 100% Mercerized Cotton
Yarn Weight: 5/2
Yardage / Meterage: 200 yds / 183 m
Skein Weight: 1.5 oz / 43 g
Sett: 14-20 epi

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