Majacraft Overdrive Head



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The Overdrive Head brings high volume spinning to Majacraft wheels in a new way.

By using the Overdrive as an accessory head, it will turn your existing Majacraft spinning wheel into a production-style wheel. The secret sauce of the Overdrive is using the Aura hybrid-style double drive to power it. This means that the bobbin is directly driven so it does not suffer from inertial issues when the bobbin is filled. It is light and responsive to spin with right to the finish.

The capacity of the bobbins for the Overdrive head is five liters of yarn (over a gallon!). This is five times more yarn than the Majacraft Jumbo bobbins.

The Overdrive has been designed to fit not only on the double drive Aura, but also the Rose and the Suzie Standard or Suzie Professional.

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