Majacraft Overdrive Tensioned Lazy Kate



Product Details

The Overdrive Tensioned Lazy Kate is the same size as the Universal Lazy Kate. but it holds two of the huge Overdrive bobbins.

Another unique feature of the Overdrive Lazy Kate is the use of sliding flyer hooks as yarn guides; this lets you position the guides in the optimum position for easy drawing of the yarn from the Lazy Kate.

The Overdrive and Universal Lazy Kates are not compatible due to the different axle size.

Folding feet let you store the Lazy Kate in a smaller space, and have a special mechanism to make sure the remain smooth and firm to use throughout their life.

Hand-crafted from New Zealand rimu wood and featuring a polymer bearing to control the friction on the tension knob, allowing for more consistent tension adjustment and better control of the tension on your bobbins.

*There may be an occasional shipping delay on this item due to pandemic-related issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding - we are working hard to get your order to you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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