Merino Wool Solids


Fuchsia Merino
Candy Floss Merino
Hot Pink Merino
Scarlet Merino
Ruby Merino
Coral Merino
Tomato / Begonia Merino
Yellow Merino
Lemon Merino
Spice Merino
Tangerine Merino
Gold Merino
Dijon Merino
Nutmeg Merino
Cinnabar Merino
Wine Merino
Chartreuse Merino
Citron Merino
Pine Merino
Garden Ivy Merino
Bottle Green Merino
Peppermint Merino
Olive Merino
Myrtle Merino
Tartan Merino
Turquoise Green Merino
Teal Merino
Horizon Merino
Dresden Merino
Blue Merino
Wedgewood Merino
Jade Merino
Cerulian Merino
Ice Blue Merino
Aqua Merino
Midnight Merino
Berry Merino
Lilac Merino
Aubergine Merino
Lavender Merino
Heather Merino
Storm Merino
Periwinkle / Hyacinth Merino
Purple Merino
Black Merino
Oak Merino
Cafe au Lait Merino
Parchment Merino
Chocolate Mocha Merino
Brown Merino
Vanilla Merino
Mink Merino
Pewter Merino
Carbon Merino
Camellia Merino
Flamingo Merino
Kiwi Merino
Mallard Merino
Glacier Merino
Hyacinth Merino
Silver Merino
Taupe Merino
Salmon Merino
Mocha Merino
Dusty Rose Merino
Charcoal Merino
Forest Merino
Mulberry Merino
Camel Merino
Juniper Merino
Banana Cream Merino
Cabbage Rose Merino
Foothills Merino
Logan Berry Merino
Grey Merino

Product Details

This vivid, intense Merino Wool dyed fiber is perfect for a wide range of spinning and felting projects.

This fiber is sold in one-ounce weights. To order more than one ounce, simply place an order for multiple items of this product.

Microns: 21.5 mic
Fiber Length: 70 mm

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