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There are many sizes of flyer heads available for SpinOlution's spinning wheels. Please check compatibility carefully.

Each flyer comes with 3 bobbins unless noted otherwise. Drive bands are sold separately.

  • 4 oz. is for spinning fine and short staple length fibers and comes standard on the Pollywog. It is also available on the Echo. It is not recommended for bulky yarns, due to the small orifice and bobbin.
  • 4A oz. has a built-in accelerator for record-breaking speeds and spinning cobweb fine yarns and short staple fibers. It is compatible with the Firefly, Monarch, and Echo.
  • 8 oz. is similar to most standard-size bobbins. Many spinners find this size ideal for spinning and plying any and all weights of yarn for knitting and crochet. Spinners who want to spin very bulky yarn may find this size limiting. Compatible with the Echo, Hopper, Monarch, and Firefly.
  • 12 oz. is Pollywog exclusive and is only available as an upgrade to the Pollywog. It is available with either 1 or 3 bobbins.
  • 16 oz. is an ideal starting point for spinners wanting to spin bulky. It is large enough for art yarn, and small enough to spin any yarn you would use for knitting or crochet. Compatible with the Echo, Hopper, Monarch, and Firefly.
  • 32 oz. is ideal for production art and bulky yarn spinners who need large amounts of yardage for big projects, or need extra room for plying big skeins. (Beginner art yarn spinners may find the 16 oz more manageable.) Available on the Echo, Hopper, Monarch, and Firefly.
  • 64 oz. is exclusive to SpinOlution, and is the biggest bobbin size in the industry. Expert production spinners find this size ideal for spinning single-ply bulky weight yarns. Each one is crafted and balanced by hand. Available on the Monarch and Firefly. The 64 oz. flyer includes 1 bobbin and both hook and tube orifice bars.
    Please note
    : The 64 oz. flyer size was engineered specifically for the Firefly and is recommended for use on the Firefly. It can fit and be used on the Monarch; however, is very heavy to treadle and is not as ergonomic on the Monarch as on the Firefly. We recommend using the largest whorl of the 64 oz on the Monarch, which is a ratio of 1:6.

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