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SpinOlution's Monarch is for professional spinners who need a comfortable wheel that they can spin at for hours. Featuring toe breaks for stopping on a dime and 5 different flyer head sizes to choose from (4A oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz.), there is no other wheel as versatile on the market as the Monarch.

SpinOlution's 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz. flyers are interchangeable between the Monarch and the Firefly. Swap flyers between these two wheel bases for multiple wheel options.

You can buy a Monarch in one of four flyer sizes, or you can get a Flyer Studio Package with two flyer sizes and accessories (6 Bobbins, 4 Orifice Bars, Lazy Kate, Skein Winder and Drive Band) for a complete fiber arts studio.

  • Fine Yarn Package (4A & 8 oz. + accessories)
  • Fine to Art Package (4A & 16 oz. + accessories)
  • Traditional Yarn Package (8 oz. & 16 oz. + accessories)
  • Bulky Yarn Package (8 oz. & 32 oz. + accessories)
  • Art Yarn Package (16 oz. & 32 oz. + accessories)

Monarch Wheel Features:

  • Spin Fine to Bulky
  • Open Hook Orifice
  • 3 Magnetic Bobbins included
  • Easy Uptake Tension Knob
  • Easy Drive Band Change
  • Quiet Operation & Small Footprint
  • Stationary Floor Grips
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Lazy Kate (sold separately) can be mounted to the back of flyer head (as pictured)
  • Orifice Height: 25 inches
  • Drive Wheel Diameter: 20 inches
  • Special ergonomic treadle design, usable as single-treadle or double-treadle
  • Comfortable, low-effort treadling action
  • Baltic birch with a lacquer finish

Available Accessories:

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