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SpinOlution's Echo was designed as an economical option for spinners wanting a functional, lightweight wheel. Simple enough for every new spinner to learn and grow on, and engineered for all spinners to enjoy. This affordable spinning wheel is the perfect choice for spinners wanting one wheel to meet all their needs.

The standard Lazy Kate (not included) attaches to the back of the Echo for convenient plying. With the by-passable hook orifice, you can spin any weight of yarn -- or include any embellishment -- without getting stuck in an orifice.

Magnetic bobbins make switching bobbins & production spinning effortless. The stretchy drive band can be moved to different ratios (speeds) in seconds.

The Echo is available with either a standard 4 oz. flyer head or the 4A flyer head -- the 4A has a built in accelerator for ratios up to 1:40.

You can buy an Echo in one of four flyer sizes, or you can get a Flyer Studio Package with two flyer sizes and accessories (6 Bobbins, 4 Orifice Bars, Lazy Kate, Skein Winder and Drive Band) for a complete fiber arts studio.

  • Fine Yarn Package (4 & 8 oz. + accessories)
  • Fine Yarn Package (4A & 8 oz. + accessories)
  • Fine to Art Package (4 & 16 oz. + accessories)
  • Fine to Art Package (4A & 16 oz. + accessories)
  • Traditional Yarn Package (8 oz. & 16 oz. + accessories)
  • Bulky Yarn Package (8 oz. & 32 oz. + accessories)
  • Art Yarn Package (16 oz. & 32 oz. + accessories)


    Echo Wheel Features:

    • Spin Fine to Bulky
    • Open Hook Orifice
    • 3 Magnetic Bobbins included
    • Easy Uptake Tension Knob
    • Easy Drive Band Change
    • Quiet Operation & Small Footprint
    • Stationary Floor Grips
    • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Special ergonomic treadle design, usable as single-treadle or double-treadle
    • Comfortable, low-effort treadling action
    • Built in handle -- easily portable
    • Baltic birch with a lacquer finish

    Available Accessories:

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